Essays in Honor of Barbara Owen (OHS: July 2005)

One of 15 contributors to a festschrift honoring Barbara Owen’s service to the Organ Historical Society. “Winds of change” explores four 20th-century examples of American organs being altered by the original builder.


  • In the Pipeline (autobiography, published 1998) (view)
    Carlo Curley with Jonathan Ambrosino

Choir & Organ (U.K.) (see magazine website)

  • Lively-Fulcher at Christ Church, New Haven (9-10/05) (view)
  • Sticking to Principle: A Story of Idealism (7-8/05) (view)
  • Hermann Schlicker and Robert Noehren (5-6/05) (view)
  • The Artist Militant: An Interview with Paul Jacobs (5-6/05) (view)
  • Schoenstein & Co. (3-4/05) (view)
  • Restored Tannenberg at Old Salem (1-2/05)
    article (view)
    review (view)
  • Paul Fritts & Richards, Fowkes & Co. (11-12/04) (view)
  • Turning Up the Volume: New Concert Organs (9-10/04) (view)
  • Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles (5-6/04) (view)
  • Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles (3-4/04) (view)
  • Groton School (discussing the recent work, 5-6/03) (view)
  • If Only! (unbuilt organ schemes, 1-2/03) (view)
  • The Tastemakers (the impact of organ journalism, 9-10/02) (view)
  • Missionary Zeal (E Power Biggs & Virgil Fox, 7-8/02) (view)
  • The Third Dimension (the history of celestes) (9-10/01) (view)
  • Do No Harm (the fate of old organs) (3-4/01) (view)
  • The Organ and the Symphony Hall (11-12/00) (view)
  • The Historical Organbuilders (8-9/00) (view)
  • Lawrence Phelps, a retrospective (11-12/99) (view)
  • Diplomatic Relations (the Fisk for Lausanne, 5-6/99) (view)
  • Eclectic Approach (new Dobson at Saint Paul’s, Minneapolis, 3-4/99) (view)
  • A New Spark (electric action revival; Nichols & Simpson, 11-12/98) (view)
  • French Connection? (new Casavant in Saint Paul, 7-8/98) (view)
  • The Collaborative Spirit (5-6/98) (view)
  • When Style Eclipses Quality (series overview, 3-4/98) (view)

Orgel International (Germany)

  • Perspective: Present Imperfect (reprint from Tracker, Spring 1999) (view)
    (Part I, 5-6/1999) (Part II, 7-8/1999)

Dorian Recordings

  • Essay on the Wanamaker Organ for Peter Conte’s MAGIC recording (10/01)

For Cornell University

  • G. Donald Harrison and the Sage Chapel Organ published in
    “The 50th Anniversary of the Sage Chapel Organ” (5/90)

For Rice University

  • “Fisk-Rosales Opus 109/21” published in seminar brochure (6/97) (view)

ISO News (International Society of Organbuilders)

  • “A Good Story with a Bad Ending: M.P. Möller 1875-1992” (11/93) (view)
  • “A Delirious Roar of Bits and Blades: An Overview of 20th-century New England Organbuilding” (10/92, for the Society’s Convention Booklet)

IBO Journal (Institute of British Organbuilders)

  • “Mechanical Action and the Large Organ” (9/03)
  • “The Mander in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia” (8/01) (view)
  • “OHS turns 40: thoughts on modern organ restoration” (8/96) (view)
  • "Bravo to Paul Hale" (view)

Organists' Review

  • Ernest M. Skinner (multiple installments, 2003)

The American Organist (Journal of the American Guild of Organists)

  • “Reconstructing the mid-1930s Aeolian-Skinner landmark”
    (Cover Feature, 12/04) (view)
  • “Rosales Organ Builders Opus 16” (Cover Feature, 2/94) (view)
  • “Austin Organs, Inc.: One Hundred Years” (9/93)
  • “A Remembrance of George Faxon” (12/92)
  • “Restoration of the Austin Organ, Bushnell Memorial Hall” (6/90)
  • “A History of the Skinner Company” (5/90) (view)
  • “A History of the Aeolian-Skinner Company, The Harrison Years”(5/90)
  • “G. Donald Harrison” (12/88, part of a series on the Aeolian-Skinner organ in the Mormon Tabernacle)

The Tracker (Organ Historical Society)

  • “The Erosion of Heritage”, Summer 2005 (view)
  • “Present Imperfect”: an overview of 20th-c. American organbuilding (Spring 1999) (view)
  • “Welte Organ Company” (Spring 1998) (view)
  • Review: “Aeolian-Skinner Remembered” (Spring 1997) (view)
  • “The Girard College Organ” (Spring 1996)
  • CD Review: Old South Brass, Organ & Tympani (Fall 1994) (view)
  • CD Review: Pipedreams Premieres (Spring 1994) (view)
  • CD Review: Three Recordings from Liverpool Cathedral (Winter 1993) (view)
  • Guest Editorial: “The Trappings of Erudition?” (Fall 1992)
  • “On a Roll: A Survey of Some 20th-Century American Player Organ Systems” (Fall 1991)
  • CD Review: Organo Deco by David Britton (Spring 1991)
  • Review: Encyclopedia of the American Theatre Organ, Vol. II by David Junchen (Fall 1990)

J A V Recordings, Inc. (see company website)

  • Twelve essays in the “Great Organbuilders of America” series on various Skinner and Aeolian-Skinner organs, issued from September 1997 to the present.

Raven Recordings

  • “The Girard College Organ” an essay in Peter Sykes’ recording of Holst’s The Planets, 1996

The Organ (U.K.)

  • “The Organs of Princeton University Chapel” (view)
    (Part I, Fall 1993)
    (Part II, Winter 1993)

Journal of American Organbuilding (American Institute of Organbuilders)

  • “Some Thoughts on early 20th-century Organ Restoration” (1/94) (view)

The New England Organist

  • “The Dover Church” (review of new Fisk Organ, Opus 107, 5-6/94) (view)
  • “The Kotzschmar Memorial Organ, Portland City Hall” (5-6/92)
  • "The Organ at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York City" (7/8-96) (view)