Church of the Advent
Boston, Massachusetts

Aeolian-Skinner Op. 940/940-A, 1936/’64; three manuals, 77 ranks

Jonathan Ambrosino was appointed Curator of Organs in July 2005. Under contract to Nelson Barden Associates, and in conjunction with Jeff Weiler and Spencer Organ Company, the following restorative work was carried out between September 2004 and ’05:

8 Flûte harmonique: regulation
8 Cor de nuit: minor revoicing and regulation to eliminate chiff
4 Rohrflöte: minor revoicing and regulation
2 Fifteenth: restorative voicing
III Cymbel: restoration of original composition and tone, using original pipes in the revised Cymbel, reclaimed pipes reused in the revised Pedal II Fourniture, and 11 new pipes by Thos. Anderson.

8 Stopped Diapason (wood): complete restoration, reversal of re-scaling, lowered mouths and filled nicks
2-2/3 Rohrnasat: new stop (tin pipes by Thos. Anderson) to Aeolian-Skinner scale, replacing 1964 made from ex-Positiv Rohrflöte
2 Fifteenth: softening and regulation back to original voicing

8 Rohrflöte: restore 1936 stop. 1-12 extant pipes, cut-ups restored. 13-16 new (wood pipes by John Schreiner, duplicating pipes from Op. 943), 17-19 new (tin pipes by Thos. Anderson); 20-61 reclaimed, restored from use as Swell Rohrnasat.
4 Koppelflöte: clean and repair; re-rack with key indexes to promote tunability; restorative voicing
2-2/3 Nazard: regulation
2 Blockflöte: regulation
1-3/5 Tierce: regulation
1 Sifflöte: regulation

III Mixture: restore original composition and tone (new 3-1/5 pipes by Thos. Anderson; ranks 2 and 3 reclaimed)
II Fourniture: restore original composition and tone (ranks 1 and 2 reclaimed)

Mark F. Dwyer is Organist and Choirmaster; Ross Wood is Associate Organist and Choirmaster. Jonathan Ambrosino maintains the organ.

In 2007 an 8-foot Unenclosed Trumpet was introduced on the Choir manual, replicating the original 1936 register of that name. The project was funded by an anonymous donor in honor of Edith Ho's thirty years' distinguished tenure. Pipes by A.R. Schopp's Sons; voicing by Broome & Co., LLC; windchest, winding and wiring by Spencer Organ Company.

In 2008, five new pipes were added in the north transept gallery to complete the 32 Sub Bass to CCCC. Pipes by QLF components, chest and winding by Spencer Organ Company.